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ColorScheme (2006)


Color scheme reveals the way that color is used in Hollywood cinema.


ColorScheme is a "spectral painting", a digital screen-based painting, that reveals the ways that color is used in visual media (cinema, television, print) to tell a story and create a mood. It removes all form from the original source to concentrate solely on the use of color. This process of removal allows us to examine the interactions between colors, specifically focusing on the relationship between colors. ColorScheme, for example, can be used to determine the proportional use of colors, the contrast in luminosity, the varying degrees of saturation of a given hue, or simply the variety of hues used to create a composition.

Exhibition History

Computational Aesthetics Conference. Banff, Canada. June 2007.
Sample Culture. Vague Terrain Journal. Online. Ongoing.


Color, cinema, hollywood, canvas, painting.


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Excerpt from "Aliens"