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Electric Fields (2014)


Electric Fields is a series of three software-generated animations that blend virtual worlds and abstract painting. Each animation embarks on a slow, meandering trip through an infinite world filled with colorful software-generated forms. Morphing and expanding, the gesture-like forms simultaneously appear as brush strokes and fields of digital information. Virtual cameras, cartesian perspective, parallax and atmospheric perspective elicit the sensation of floating through a painterly environment, while a lush electronic soundtrack by musician Jefre Cantu-Ledesma echoes throughout.

Exhibition History

E.S.P. TV Tour at Yerba Buena Center For the Arts. San Francisco, CA. April 2015.
E.S.P. TV Tour at Museum of Human Achievement. Austin, TX. April 2015.
Unfixed: New Painting at ASU Art Museum. Phoenix, AZ. February 2015.
Post Photoshop at The Drake Hotel. Toronto, Canada. February 2015.
Electric Fields at Upfor Gallery. Portland, OR. February 2015.

Other Animations

Project Specs

Format: 3-channel software-generated animation
Duration: Continuous
Year of Production: 2014


Software, painting, canvas, virtual reality, virtual world, immersion, gesture, Color Field painting, algorithmic, generative, openFrameworks, OpenGL