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LifeCycle (2005)


Algorithmic paintings made from population simulations.


Based upon the natural evolutionary patterns of population systems, LifeCycle is an autonomous and evolving video installation that creates abstract digital paintings in real-time. LifeCycle uses a collection of life-imitating computer algorithms to visualize the behaviours of a single population, which is guided by a set of rules, emphasizing various changes and trends (including size, growth, stability, and death). These factors stimulate the movement of virtual paintbrushes, sending flowing forms of bright colour across a screen-based canvas.

Exhibition History

Algorithmic Art at GreyLock Arts. Adams, Massachusetts. November 2008.
GreenPix opening. Beijing, China. June 2008.
PixelPops. New Haven, Connecticut. October 2005.
New Forms Festival. VIVI Media Arts Center. Vancouver, Canada. September 2005.
Subtle Technologies Festival. Toronto, Canada. May 2005.


Video painting, painting, color, conway's game of life, abstract, population simulation.